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Make A Difference Innovation Challenge

Make A Difference Campaign

BOOST in partnership with DELTA Corporation have organised a social innovation competition dubbed “Delta- BOOST Social Responsibility Programme”, Make A Difference to encourage university students to design business solutions which address community needs. The programme calls for young innovators in tertiary institutions to design business solutions that respond to climate change and waste management challenges facing Zimbabwe and the whole world .

Make A Difference Climate and Waste Management Campaign and Advocacy

BOOST in collaboration with Delta Corporation, Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry and the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and recreation, Environmental Management Agency, stakeholders from government and private sector and young innovators conducted the Make A Difference Climate and Waste Management Advocacy and Campaign to in across the 10 provinces of the country where Delta-BOOST team were carrying out their project activities. BOOST utilized social media and physical community engagement efforts in public places raising awareness to vendors, motorists and public transport operators through education, song and dance. These efforts culminated into the National Make A Difference Climate and Waste Management Advocacy and Campaign which later coincided with the Make A Difference Innovation Competition in Harare. The campaign was conducted in Harare CBD, Five Avenue Shops, Newlands Shops and Chisipite as the campaign team make entourage to Manna Resorts where the Make A Difference Competition took place.

Development of Climatic Solutions through the Make A Difference Innovation Challenge

BOOST coordinates a network of young innovators, entrepreneurs, co-creators and innovators across the 14 universities in Zimbabwe. These are young people with a zeal to make the world a better place through the development of sustainable climate smart solutions and green enterprises. The Delta Make A Difference Innovation Challenge attracts these breeds to climate change enthusiasts to assemble, develop teams, co- create using the Human Centered Design Approach and ideate, design protype and launch, climate smart solutions to curb the challenge of waste management through the development of profitable and waste management models. After carefully working on these models for 8 months, the teams showcase their business cases in front of investors. Each investor injects money into a team business viability, performance, impact, profitability and tons of waste brought into the recycling stream.

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