Green Interns recruited  from the various universities in Zimbabwe  where they acquired knowledge related to the environment at large with an effort to execute green jobs. They are SAZ certified in the ISO 140001:2015 Environmental Management System Development and Implementation, which  they managed to acquire through the Green Jobs Program. 2019 team is very passionate about safety, health and the wellness of the environment in which people are living in.

They are engaging in various with various sectors  of the economy that includes manufacturing, mining among others to communicate, develop and obtain skills about environmental efficiency. Their main goal is to acquire  practical knowledge not only in solving  environmental problems or in efficient use of  resources, but also in developing ways of revitalizing the natural resources. They seek to achieve it by the end of  internship period of December 2019. The health and well-being of the people comes from the wellness of the natural environment.

 We look forward that they achieve environmental efficiency through the various organizations they are engaged in, the community at large and different environmentalists across the globe. Creating networks from local community to global level to achieve a common goal, which is the Wellness of the environment. On a long term basis, Green internship program will help them equip themselves with innovative, technological skills that will not only save the environment but also ease people’s livelihoods.


Green jobs are green when they help reduce negative impacts on the environment and lead to environmental, economic and socially sustainable enterprises and economies. This initiative seeks to create employment in the renewable energy value chain and contribute towards the green economy while promoting Sustainable Development Goals.

Under the green jobs we recruit 3rd year students that are studying towards an environment related programme and train them on employability skills which after we place them in companies that are in the green field for them to contribute innovative methods and systems towards sustainable environmental management with the hope of their internship transition into full time employment while contributing to economic development through enhanced environment conservation skills and practices.

BOOST Fellowship in partnership with UNICEF, BCSDZ, SAZ and Swedish Embasy