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Number Impacted

 Project Description

Billnovation (Skills Development project)  Karoi  75 This project targeted craftsmen and unemployed youth for apprenticeship under these semi-skilled craftsmen. The furniture industry was not supported by local customers because of sub-standard quality of their products. The participants were trained in entrepreneurial skills, financial management skills, marketing skills and behavioral change knowledge. The participants were also linked to Continental Outdoor media for the supply of used billboard material that they use in some of their upholstery as raw materials. There was apprenticeship training for 50 youths recruited by the participants. Partnership with ILO saw the funding of $22,000 for training and buying equipment for the participants.
Environment Rebirth Harare  9

This project is about the recycling of waste in particular plastic. This project had 9 plastic collectors from Mukuvisi Plastics Cooperative as beneficiaries. They also conducted workshops on business, entrepreneurship, health and safety. The team partnered with Proudly Zimbabwean Foundation in introducing the 3 bin concept in the Mbare residential area in order to have separation of waste which made their beneficiaries collect plastic more easily and quicker as it will be separated at the source.


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