We aim to provide a platform for students to take entrepreneurial action to make the world a better place for us all. We believe through creating relationships with the corporate world and other community driven organizations, we can be the change we want to see in the world and start improving the lives of communities all around us today.


To bring together a team of dedicated student innovators solely driven by the need to incite sustainable change in our communities through entrepreneurial genius, innovation, team work and compassion for all of mankind; all this while our members learn and grow from being a part of the Enactus network.


Be the change, less talking more working.


  • Ubuntu/Hunhu – We believe the first step towards achieving sustainable positive change in our communities and businesses is realising the true value of every human being. Ubuntu/Hunhu is an African term that expresses the act of placing the uttermost value on the people around us.
  • Innovation – A constantly changing world requires an unending willingness to continuously innovate and adapt. We strive to get ahead of the changes in our world in order to shape them for our cause and we realise the need for setting innovation as the base from which to achieve this.
  •  Team work – Two heads are better than one. Two heads in harmony solve problems faster and more efficiently than on


Email: enactussolusi@gmail.com
+263774788370 – Ntando Ndlovu (Team President)
+263774705353 – Derek (Monitoring and Evaluating Officer)

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