Harare Institute of Technology Projects



Number Impacted

 Project Description

Bio-Wealth project (Vermi-composting)  Wedza & Snake Park  59 Vermi-compsoting is the natural decomposition of bio-degradable waste using earthworms. The bio-waste is composed of non-fatty and non-acidic matter. The project was aimed at creating sustainable source of income to less privileged communities through increasing their yield by this method. Two communities; Faith & Hope Children’s Home in Snake Park and Mountain of Hope an organic farming association in Wedza, were engaged in the project. They were trained about this method and this led to increased land utilization and reduced costs in the use of artificial fertilizers; hence less expenses.
Sustainable Commercial Bee-keeping project Wedza  43 Sustainable commercial bee-farming (Apiculture) is the rearing of bees in order to harvest honey for sale without comprising the future of the environment. In this project Mountain of Hope was the beneficiary of this project. The association had 3 bark hives which where being harvested once a year, producing 12litres each. The aim of the project was to commercialize apiculture and make it an alternative and viable business adventure. The team replaced the bark hives with 9 Kenyan top bar hives and trained beneficiaries how to use cow dung smokers instead of fire when harvesting. Harvest was increased from once a year to thrice a year.


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