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Number Impacted

 Project Description

Elev8us  Nyadire, Mutoko  38 The project was aimed at empowering 80 child headed households in the Nyadire community and home of Hope orphanage with the child headers as they were also struggling to make ends meet, by creating a social enterprise. The team successfully constructed a foul run at the orphanage and they are now practising broiler breeding. They also introduced market gardening to the orphanage to generate extra income. 15 local residents were empowered to engage in their own entrepreneurial ventures such as piggery ad day old chick incubation.
Waste to Resource/Biogas Project
Chingele Children’s Home  33 Their team designed a biogas digester which will solve the energy problems while promoting environmental sustainability and upgrading the participants’ social status. There was construction of an eco-friendly BIOGAS plant at the children’s home. Provision of home lighting and cooking solutions as well as bio-waste by-product fertiliser from the output od the biogas. The digester generated income for them at the same time reducing the use of firewood (which was costly). The income was generated through the resuscitation of an existing orchard and the introduction of market gardening. Installation of the plant allow as the caregivers to give more time to the orphans and their social activities. Funds previously allocated to firewood are now redirected to other day to day running of the orphanage.
Green Solidarity Initiative Mbare Musika  96 This project was designed for a group of local informal traders at Mbare Musika. The project’s aim was to create a financial model to address the issues of financial and entrepreneurial empowerment of this overlooked sector of the economy. The vendors did not have tangible assets to use as collateral for the loans. A group lending model was created to help them access loans to boost their businesses. Created group committees for monitoring group affairs. Vendor’s sales grew by over 80% and monthly profits by over 100%. They were empowered to secure markets; some supply large retails such as Spar and OK.


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