Catholic University of Zimbabwe BOOST Enactus is a student led initiative that fosters relationships with businesses, schools, and other strategic community partners in order to empower people and create economic independence and self-sustenance. Our ain is to create long-lasting economic, social, and environmental improvements by assisting and empowering partners through innovative entrepreneurial ideas and services. We emphasize the growth and professional development of our members by encouraging independent creativity and business leadership.


To create a significant and sustainable impact on a society.


Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones towards success


  • Ethical behaviour – to be open and truthful in everything we do
  • Service – be a servant leader and lead by example
  • Passion – love what we do, have fun and strive to make a difference.
  • Courage – dare to be different; challenge the status quo.
  • Respect – respect the opinion of others and their work.


Email: enactus@cuz.ac.zw

Twitter: @enactuscuz

Facebook: BOOST Enactus CUZ

Instagram: BOOSTCUZ1

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