Bindura University Projects



Number Impacted

 Project Description

Bottle Belief Phase 2  Bindura  10 In 2011-12 this project was aimed at addressing environmental hazards posed by PET bottles by advocating for re-use. 2012-13 focused on addressing unemployment challenges by re-using PET bottles for commission. They taught ten street urchins how to construct structures and termed them eco-builders. The pilot group also sold some of the bottles to PetRico for export.
Youth in Business Bindura  168 The project is aimed at assisting the unemployed youth and those engaging in illegal activities start their own businesses and ensure a sustainable source of income. They formed an association named Youth in Business Association of Zimbabwe and held four workshops in which they taught a group a youth the basics of entrepreneurship and how to draft a comprehensive business plan. Fifty of the ZYC youth loans applications were successful as they received funding for their businesses.


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