In Zimbabwe, women make up 52% of the total population on which a substantial percentage on this are young women.  Income is more accessible to men than it is women and it is the undeniable fact that the majority of the population that are poor are women unfortunately. Girls and young women are among the most vulnerable populations worldwide, particularly in Southern Africa.

The BOOST Fellowship in collaboration with PROWEB (Professional Women, Women Executives and Business Women’s Forum) launched a program for young women graduates called Daring Damsels Series. The initial target was university graduates, but through experience we discovered that there was need to expand the programme to high schools to inspire the younger women to choose their careers wisely and to cultivate an entrepreneurial mind-set.

The program Daring Damsels Series focuses on young women to be mentored and encouraged by committed successful women entrepreneurs of all ages.  By this and in line with the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) #3 ‘Promote gender equality and empower women,’ PROWEB and BOOST seek to create a platform for young women to be mentored into entrepreneurship by successful professional women, women executives and business women.