At The BOOST Fellowship we recognize that the success of a nation can be directly linked to the investment made in youth, where they are groomed to take on leadership positions, are given opportunities to engage in dialogue around issues that affect their livelihood at high.  This in turn will enable them to influence the change they want to see.

The challenge faced by most youths within Africa is the lack of skills and knowledge to enable them to reach their full potential.  Having worked with young people since 2001, our experience has shown that while schools and universities across the world generally provide a wide-ranging academic education, many young people find themselves inadequately prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the world beyond the classroom.  Furthermore young people do not possess the necessary life skills that relate to communication, effectively making decisions, nurturing wholesome relationships, appreciating community responsibility and the disciplines of financial intelligence.  Without the necessary skills and support, young people can fall prey to being unemployed and this can subsequently increase poverty levels.

Through the BOOST Young Learners’ Program, we will target high school students.  We believe in the concept of Lifelong Learning, which says that “It is never too soon or too late for learning”.  Lifelong learning sees individuals being provided with learning opportunities at all ages and in numerous contexts: at work, at home and through leisure activities and not just through formal channels such as school and higher education.

It is envisioned that students who participate in this program will break through self-imposed limits to achieve his or her greatest potential, blossom into secure, confident adults and through the discovery of life skills they will become more self-motivated and accept responsibility for their lives.  BOOST Young Learners are: Entrepreneur Intelligent Individuals who are possibility-oriented and not driven by negativity, are able to live for others and develop good developmental relationships that help them grow!