Through the BOOST Young Learners’ Program, we will target high school students.  We believe in the concept of Lifelong Learning, which says that “It is never too soon or too late for learning”.  Lifelong learning sees individuals being provided with learning opportunities at all ages and in numerous contexts: at work, at home and through leisure activities and not just through formal channels such as school and higher education.

  • It is envisioned that students who participate in this program will break through self-imposed limits to achieve his or her greatest potential, blossom into secure, confident adults and through the discovery of life skills they will become more self-motivated and accept responsibility for their lives.
  • BOOST Young Learners are: Entrepreneur Intelligent Individuals who are possibility-oriented and not driven by negativity, are able to live for others and develop good developmental relationships that help them grow!
  • BOOST currently has 9 high schools with the BOOST Young Learners Club.
  • BOOST Fellowship is also in partnership with LAFARGE and trains LAFARGE bursary scholars from various schools across Zimbabwe every school holiday. Below are BYLP objectives:


BOOST Young Learners Program

BOOST Fellowship is partnering with High Schools and Private Colleges to “train their young people “and invest in youth development. If you see value in leadership training as well as grooming and etiquette in young people at your institution,  or would like to start your own club, please contact us at +263 8677 101 529 or via email info[at]boostfellowship[dot]org.