2015 Entrepreneurship Workshop Description (Gweru)

The BOOST Fellowship Entrepreneurship program is designed to impart entrepreneurship skills to youth beneficiaries under the BOOST program. With the current rate of youth unemployment prevalent in Zimbabwe, it is imperative to impart entrepreneurial skills to our youth population to ensure that they are empowered to start their own businesses and create employment for themselves and their peers. With this in mind, a week-long workshop was held in Gweru for young entrepreneurs to improve their business skills and ensure that they are armed with the necessary skills to ensure success of their entrepreneurial ventures. Some of the topics that were covered during the training include the following: Understanding entrepreneurship; business idea generation; a founder’s role in enterprise development; goal setting and forward planning; mobilizing resources-business loan readiness; quality and branding and business planning.

Following this training, the beneficiaries will be offered opportunities for mentoring to cement the ideas they have learnt and implement them practically in their businesses. The beneficiaries will also be awarded an opportunity to apply for loans which they can invest into the continued growth of their businesses.