CBZ Holdings partnered with The BOOST Fellowship in 2010, launching the Entrepreneur’s Suite, a program providing young people with a unique opportunity to turn innovative ideas into real businesses and thus building successful futures for themselves and their communities. The program provides the young people with an opportunity for mentoring; team creation, education and networking through various activities aimed at equipping them to generate business ideas write business plans and eventually start up their businesses.

The program brings together youths from high schools and universities to explore and venture into the world of entrepreneurship. This is done through several exciting and rewarding activities which include: Training and workshops on the following:

· Leadership and goal setting- this module is meant to develop leadership skills of the youth by encouraging and motivating them in realizing that they can be great leaders in their businesses. Students also engage in role plays of how they handle different scenarios as leaders. The module covers goals setting as a tool that assists the participants to come up with SMART goals and objectives.

· Entrepreneurship- this module focuses on the development of an entrepreneurial mindset of the participant. It prepares the participant to know if he/she is prepared to take the risks as an entrepreneur by highlighting the drawbacks of entrepreneurship as a career. The module also looks into characteristics that an entrepreneur should poses and the deadly mistakes that most entrepreneurs do and how they should avoid them. It also encompasses mentoring opportunities, bringing the emerging student entrepreneurs into contact with already established small and medium businesses via SME attachments and discussion forums.

CBZ Holdings Limited- BOOST Entrepreneur’s Suite Challenge

The culmination of the program is the competition that gives youth a unique opportunity to turn innovative ideas into real businesses and improve the living standards of themselves and their communities. The BOOST Entrepreneurs’ Suite is aimed at supporting youth in their entrepreneurial endeavors to create real business and to encourage the commercialization of promising ideas. The challenge brings together individuals who are visionaries and entrepreneurs whose calling it is to promote entrepreneurship within Zimbabwe.

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