The Big Secrets of Money Management – Financial Literacy:

Eat first ahead of the pack like a lion by saving money first and live off the rest. Saving must become a priority. Take at least 10% percent of your income into a savings account, piggy bank or make an investment. The earlier you start the, the more wealth you create.

The Leopard never lets its prey out of sight, likewise never let your money out your pocket without creating a financial plan. Have a vision for the future by making concrete and achievable goals. Have short, medium and long-term goals that you want to save for. Create a financial plan first before spending and stick to it!

Learn what you earn, know what you owe and comprehend what you spend. Be like the African elephant which never forgets. Knowledge is power!

Debt is the worst financial enemy one can have, it poses greatest threats to a financial stable lifestyle. Instead of being in debt rather be like the Rhino, she often has to weigh her options. The only option she does not have is not to deal with the threats. However, when threatened the Rhino charges down the predator to protect itself, thus when in debt charge down your debt quickly with the most expensive fastest.

Protect your assets, make your money work for you. One can do this through investing. Ensure you invest your money in a particular investment partner after you have done a risk assessment, AVOID GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES. Be patient after an investment to allow your money to grow. Learn from the Buffalo, it steadily grows and protects its heard, knowing its strength and future are in numbers.

Financial Literacy


YearMajor Highlights on Financial Literacy


The BOOST Fellowship partnered with Barclays Bank on a high schools financial literacy program.

The program was rolled out to thirteen (13) institutions.

The Barclays Bank managed to register its presence in selected Zimbabwe’s High Schools demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

Through its partnership with BOOST Fellowship, Barclays Bank managed to increase its visibility in Goromonzi, Mutoko, Nyazura and Bulawayo.

A total of 2 528 students, inclusive of 21 with special needs from King George VI were directly trained by The BOOST Fellowship.


The BOOST Fellowship partnered with Old Mutual and launched the On The Money project in March 2015.

8 workshops targeting 10 tertiary institutions across Zimbabwe were rolled-out.

A total of 345 university students were trained on financial literacy against a target of 320.


BOOST Fellowship in line with the International Youth Foundation Zimbabwe Works youth development and empowerment program conducted ten (10) financial literacy training sessions in Harare and Bulawayo.

Zimbabwe works comprised of 2 elements: (1) Employability Training -had a target of 520. A total of 671 was achieved, 413 females which is 61.5% and 258 males which 38.5 % were trained.

(2) Entrepreneurship Training- had a target of 380, achieved a total of 499. 249 females which is 49.9% were trained and 250 males which is 50.1%.

The overall target for the Zimbabwe Works Program was 900 students and a total of 1,170 students were trained by BOOST Fellowship.


On The Money- another partnership opportunity on financial literacy due to increased demand of the program. BOOST Fellowship- Old Mutual Program is currently recruiting, mobilising and training youths and communities to be trained on money management skills.

Students in the Enactus Club from all the universities in Zimbabwe will be trained on financial literacy and they will proceed to train communities around them. A total of 950 students will be trained and a total of 1 950 community members will also be trained making a grand total of 2 850.


If you are a youth community, church, college, group of people or an organisation and would want to be trained on financial literacy feel free to contact +263 8677101529 or via email