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We give students an understanding that the long-term success and prosperity of a market economy, businesses and individuals are dependent on the ability to influence positive social change. Delta Corporation partnered with the BOOST Fellowship in 2008, as a SIFE competition sponsor (now known as Enactus) specifically for the Ethics Pillar Award. In 2011, Delta Corporation resolved to establish a stand-alone program called Ethics and Transparency Initiative in order to enhance their corporate social investment. The program rebranded to Ethics and Social Responsibility in 2014, to integrate the various themes that the program addressed annually.

Program Implementation – Students who are part of the BOOST club in universities are trained on various skills that they effectively impart to the communities as ambassadors of that particular year’s theme. In training sessions students are fully equipped with the necessary information or expertise to execute projects to a notable standard of perfection. Projects are implemented for four-six months and are presented in front of a panel of judges at a competition. Here are the themes of the initiative to date:

  • 2011 “Ethics & Going Green,” focused on eliminating use of materials that caused environmental degradation.
  • 2012 “Ethics & the Cyberspace,” addressed the abuse of the internet and encouraged observing cyberspace ethics.
  • 2013 “Ethics & Corporate Governance,” promoted the growth of small to medium business enterprises through upholding corporate governance practices.
  • 2014 “Personal Ethics: Advancing the Fight against Alcohol & Drug Abuse and Risky Social Behaviors,” raised awareness to adolescents, youth, parents and general populace on the hazardous effects of substance abuse.
  • 2015 “Above the influence – campaign against alcohol abuse,” was a continued campaign to eliminate substance abuse in our society.
  • 2016 “Above The Influence – Campaign against alcohol abuse.”
  • 2017 “Make A Difference – Towards a cleaner world,” M.A.D is a campaign to raise environmental awareness in communities and encouraging value addition to all forms of waste.

Under this year’s (2017) theme, teams are coming up with post-consumer waste business projects that get sizeable amounts of waste recycled or up cycled, generate income and create employment. Depending on scale and viability the teams will receive investment capital for their projects and will participate in a business incubation process receiving support from Delta’s recycling partners and business skills from BOOST. Teams are also encouraged to engage communities through raising environmental awareness.

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Why Ethics & Transparency Initiative was adopted as a stand-alone program – In order to compliment the core five programmatic components of the BOOST program, the mission of the program is to have a disciplined and balanced citizen who practices ethics in all facets of life that is in business dealings, in the work place and in various associations. The vitality of the program is to instill personal ethics in our community of Zimbabwe given the current decay in social values characterized by corruption, bribery and nepotism.