The Entrepreneurship Training programme is designed to introduce young people between the age of 20 – 35 in all sectors of the economy from around the world to unique success in innovation and entrepreneurship. The programme enables start-ups and existing businesses to develop their business models, providing full immersion into the business ecosystem.  We help entrepreneurs with business feasibility studies, financial capability, operations management, marketing capability, talent development, fund raising, and mentoring and enable highly innovative start-ups showcase their businesses to external markets and funding. Given the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe and globally, our programme is designed to help seasoned entrepreneurs transform their thinking and vision in a dynamic global environment.

Topics include:

  • Financing for small businesses
  • Understanding Entrepreneurship
  • Business Visioning
  • Financial Literacy
  • Founder’s role in enterprise development

For more info email: info[at]boostfellowship[dot]org