Overall name for projects: Awareness, Community engagement & Advocacy Campaign

  • Awareness phase of the campaign ran under the theme “No to Alcohol and drug abuse”. This phase entailed the creation of a Face Book and interconnected blog page which targeted high school students among other people. Moreover the team partnered with Ster Kinekor movie cinemas at Westgate & Borrowdale in order to air their awareness video clip. An awareness banner was placed on the AU Captive portal that all students use on a daily basis. T-shirts were also printed and handed out to students who used to abuse who had shown signs of improvement from the counseling service at AU.
  • Community engagement phase incorporated a sports tournament, workshop, door to door campaigns and a clean up campaign to engage the university students and external community members in order to spread the message to them about the risky social behaviours that emanate from alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Advocacy phase involved the circulation of a pledge banner for signing to high school students to advocate for late debut in alcohol use. A smoker’s section only was created on the AU campus so as to reduce the chances of students smoking and abusing drugs.


High school initiative

  • This initiative incorporated discussions with high school student leaders to discover the causes and the underlying factors for drug and alcohol abuse among the youths. Discussion forums also followed thereafter to discuss with the other students urging them to practice personal ethics. Flyers vying against underage drinking were also distributed at a choral competition where 22 schools attended.

Five aside tournament

  • The team hosted a drug abuse awareness tournament with the theme “Show you care and be aware”. The tournament was targeted at sporting fraternity and football fans. Six teams participated in the tournament.

Community Discussions

  • The team had visits to children’s homes and discussed with them life skills and personal ethics. The team also produced viral videos that featured celebrities to encourage their fan base to refrain from alcohol and drug abuse. The team also partook in the Bon Marche Power Walk distributing ZABMA flyers. Campus movie nights continue to be an ongoing platform to encourage students to desist from alcohol and drug abuse.


Ethics Ride

  • Ethics ride was promoting personal ethics, raising awareness and educating adolescents on effects of underage drinking, risky social behaviours and illicit alcohol through social learning, edutainment and role modeling. The project chose 80 students in four secondary schools in Harare and Ethics clubs were established.

I, you, we can’t risk it

  • I, you, we, can’t risk it campaign addressed risky social behaviour with passer by audiences in shopping malls; illicit alcohol, underage and binge drinking at sport events and addressing drunk driving & substance abuse on campus. The team interacted with high school students at the Dairibord Rugby Festival and the incorporated the creation of a twitter platform.


  • Rehapreneurship is a blend of rehabilitation and empowerment in advancing the fight against drug abuse, illicit alcohol and risky social behaviours to create better livelihoods for 6 youth in Mabvuku, 18 more have since joined the program. Through the team’s intervention they formed a support group called HOPE which is monitored by Mavambo Trust. The support group members were also assigned mentors to ensure that they do not relapse. These mentors also include family members.


Overall name for projects: Know your limits & Wide Reach Campaign

  • This team had a campus initiative which incorporated several elements such as uploading awareness posters on the e-learning platform; posting on the MSU Facebook page; Enactus MSU Facebook page and Enactus MSU Twitter page. Animated videos have been produced and shared on You Tube. They have also embarked on magazine production which covers effects of alcohol misuse. This magazine is distributed on campus and surrounding high schools. Furthermore MSU halls of residence sub-wardens were trained on alcohol & drug abuse hazards to further cascade knowledge to residents. The team also worked with street children in Bulawayo in partnership with an organization that assists this group.


My Future

  • The team’s campaigns ran under the theme “Less rugs more life.” For my future project the team went around six high schools in Bulawayo. For project sustainability they created peer educational clubs which were equipped with skills and basic tools that they can use to effectively establish and run the clubs. Students who were previously involved in underage drinking were encouraged to join as peer educators and some of them agreed.

Save my Home Campaign

  • This project was implemented on the Solusi University campus and it impacted 15 students. The team partnered with the counselling office to offer guidance to all students concerning drug abuse issues because each semester more than approximately 5 students are suspended.

Public Image Campaign

  • This project engaged kombi drivers, rank marshals and touts. The team managed to impact 32 conductors and drivers who said that if developmental projects were availed to them they were willing to stop the abuse of drugs. In this regard the team has future plans of engaging the participants in entrepreneurial ventures.


Open Awareness

  • This project targeted touts and long distance drivers in order to curb alcohol and drug abuse. The intervention was implemented through a sponsored walk which engaged all members of the community including the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) who were handed over a breathalyzer that was sponsored by Edgars due to the team’s collaboration with Edgars. During the handover ceremony ZRP delivered presentations. For sustainability support groups in ranks were formed.

Catch them young

  • The target group was high school students in order to curtail risky behaviours associated with underage drinking and alcohol abuse such as juvenile delinquency, increase in unplanned pregnancies and absenteeism in schools. The intervention utilized edutainment through the form of drama and speech competitions to inform the students the hazards of underage drinking. Workshops were also conducted.


  • This project used various conventional media to spread the message to youths and adults through television, radio and social media platforms. The team motioned their audience to realize the risky effects and dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Through this project the team also collaborated with Trojan Mine in order to have alcohol content checks for their employees before they operate heavy machinery or enter the mine shafts.


Beauty with brains

  • Created an annual talent showcase on modelling, dancing, body-building, vocalists in Mt Hampden. Through this event was held in collaboration with ZimCare and North Court Juvenile Centre in order to generate publicity on substance-abuse and related mental illness.

Word Out

  • The team partnered with a group of street preachers over a two week period to spread the gospel, in addition to airing of the themed music tracks in selected kombis around Harare.

On Air Addiction & Drunk on Data

  • On air addiction focused on establishing a series of radio shows with Star FM, online community radio and identifying, promoting aspiring artistes from Mbare and Epworth through establishing connections with sponsored studios to produce themed music tracks for radio. They also had drive around campaign held in Mt Hampden, visiting beer halls and street vendors. Drunk on data was a social media initiative that involved rapid distribution and sharing of funny and informative pictures and videos about the more embarrassing consequences of substance abuse via Whatsapp and Facebook.

Checking the Toll

  • This project engaged individuals and motorists on the street and highways, discussing substance abuse and distributing flyers from 20 September through to October end 2014, with the peak of the intervention being a march held in the Harare CBD.


Project Mangwana

  • Project mangwana targeted children aged 13-18. The objective was to instill personal ethics values, influence them to resist peer pressure, raise awareness on drug abuse and underage drinking. Two workshops were conducted at two high schools and a partnership with a local mine was established to curb accidents caused by their trenches.

Project My Home

  • Project my home targeted the university students of GZU from both campuses in order to raise awareness about the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. The intervention was catalyzed through the establishment of information centres during weekends and collaboration with the clinic staff to reduce STI cases that arise through risky behaviour. Through their efforts that clinic recorded decreased STI cases and cases of drunken fight casualties.


Shaped Destiny

  • Enlightening youths on theredundant behaviour associated withbinge drinking and drug abuse. Project targeted mainly high schools.

Catch them Young

  • Was a follow up to shaped destiny. Engaged correspondence school from all provinces in Zimbabwe.interacted with young people at a sporting event.

Edutainment – Save a Life

  • Produced a song and distributed fliers.


Overall name for projects – Beer View Mirrors

Media Materials

Clips on Campus and articles circulated to all students

Rehab Center

Established on campus

High Schools Initiative

Teachers and students training on hazards of substance abuse.ZRP, Family Aids Care Trust (FACT) and Campus Rehab Centre were all involved in the training. 130 students attended.

Drunk App – Created an app

Drink Street Smart

Targeted 10 touts and 5 rank marshals.

Tweet Against Substance Abuse – Social Media