2014 saw the inclusion of a new program – Financial Literacy,which seeks to inculcate the entrepreneurial mindset among youths and the communities through improving their financial literacy. This will enable them to live a holistic and financially respectable life whilst contributing to the development of his/her community and nation.

Training were rolled out in the 10 institutions across Zimbabwe that BOOST Fellowship is present in the form of public lectures. In 2015, The Boost Fellowship went a step further to offer the training youths between 20- 35 years in in the form of Financial Literacy and Education Summit . Training topics covered, enable the youths to fully comprehend and appreciate money and wealth in every aspect of life, from its purpose, how to create it, grow and preserve it while practicing ethical and corporate governance principles.

Although Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rates in the region, a low uptake of math and science subjects deprives many young people of skills essential to success as an entrepreneur, such as number-crunching and problem-solving. Through financial literacy one gains the relevant skills and knowledge of their financial environment in a relentless way, in particular the economy, finance and business environment.