Mabuso Zamchiya

Mubuso Zamchiya

Mubuso Zamchiya is Managing Director of the Luminos Fund, a global education philanthropic fund. He is a Halcyon Incubator advisory committee member, a strategic advisor to the b*free community of freelance professionals, and a member of the Anacostia River Church. Mubuso has previously held leadership roles in both African education development and the U.S. charter school movement. He has played leadership, and strategic roles in global organizations like Ashoka, the International Finance Corporation, AES Corporation, and Barclays Bank. Mubuso is a co-founder of the BOOST Fellowship, an Echoing Green Fellow, a Pahara Fellow, a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network, and a Rhodes Scholar.

Lena Zamchiya

Lena Zamchiya is Vice President of the international affiliate division at Enactus, a change-making community of student, academic, and business leaders. She was CEO and co-founder of the BOOST Fellowship, where she designed unique mentoring, coaching, entrepreneurship, and life and health skills programs, and grew the Fellowship from 10 students at one university to a national program with students representing all major universities in Zimbabwe. Lena was a participant in the Success Motivation Institute Africa, and is a member of the Diaspora African Women’s Network. She has an M.B.A. from Howard University and participated in the Wharton Executive Development Program.

Lena Zamchiya