Venue 1: The Country Club, 1 Brompton Close, Newlands,

Date: 25 January 2018

Venue 2: Batanai 2 Create (B2C)

Dates: 26-27 January 2018


The 2018 ENACTUS Leadership Conference is held annually and the main objective of the conference is to equip the Enactus team leaders including institutional support staff with skills and knowledge to run their team projects and operations effectively.

The experience and encounter of ideas resonated deeply with the students who during the course of the year work in their various institutions with very little interaction with other teams. The leadership conference enhanced fellows’ expertise, cultivated relationships with the line of speakers there was an opportunity for motivation and mentorship from influencers in industry.  The conference had an attendance of 98 participants in total.

The event kicked off with feedback from 2016/2017 ENACTUS World cup experience with various speakers highlight from various speakers who mentioned their worthwhile moments and what Zimbabwean teams can learn from the experience. Judges and Observers from the 2017 Enactus World Cup which was held in London came through to share their experiences. Gilbert Munjoro a National Competition judge and independent consultant, Farai Mangwende from First Mutual, Lewis Hussein from PKF Accountants and Wilford Mwanza, Enactus Global Alumni of the Year and Entrepreneur shared their World Cup experiences and gave teams tips.

Team building activities provided high-impact learning, increased team skills and communications, and improved morale and productivity. The conference attracted executive leadership from top companies in Zimbabwe were present.

Business Executive and Motivational Speaker Lovemore Nyastine inspired students while Darlick Marandure from Zim Holdings led a morning devotional and Nigel Chanakira, Gerald Gore from NMB and Bertha Ndlovu gave business insights.

Main Topics covered included:

  • Overview and BOOST Enactus refresher training
  • Team building activity
  • Information, Technology and Innovation
  • Financial management
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Team presentations
  • Cash flow Optimizer Application
  • 2018 National Competition and the Road To Silicon Valley (Enactus World Cup 2018)

The conference achieved its aim to provide student executive leaders with the knowledge and resources to successfully lead and strengthen their organizations. The event was an enriching experience and shifted mindsets at the same time promoting youth empowerment, entrepreneurship development in preparation on the road to Silicon Valley, California, USA were the World Cup will be hosted.