The BOOST Fellowship is a Not for Profit youth empowerment organization. Our flagship program is called Enactus. Enactus Zimbabwe is is part of a global network of 36 countries. Enactus, headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, USA is an international non-profit organisation with 70,500+ students from 1,700+ universities in 36 countries. Held annually, the Enactus World Cup is the world’s largest entrepreneurial showcase competition for social impact. University and college students from 36 countries compete for the Enactus World Cup by presenting their community empowerment initiatives on stage in front of an executive panel of judges and audience of 3,500 student, academic and business leaders.
Enactus Zimbabwe students come from 13 universities throughout the country. Most of the students in the program are young people that come from backgrounds where they are not privileged, nor affluent but they have a mind for business and a heart for the world. What really touches us as the country office is that these students, in their free time (Who has free time at university right?) engage in projects where they set up businesses to solve community problems around them and use entrepreneurial action. They ensure that the businesses they set up are innovative, environmentally sustainable, cause economic change and are socially viable. Community benefit and sustainability are key factors.
The students are not paid by the community, nor the Enactus office. They have to use entrepreneurial action. The Enactus Zimbabwe Program which manages this whole process also relies on contributions from individuals, corporates and grant makers who would like to invest in youth and also community engagement.
In 2018 we are particularly excited that the Enactus World Cup will be held in Silicon Valley San Jose, California, October 9 – 11 2018.
We know that there are partners out there who have a mind for business and a heart for the world and would like to join us in supporting this program. Some of the key reasons why you need to partner with us:

1) Youth Servant Leadership- working with young people we would like to produce a student who is entrepreneurial a solution-oriented innovator using the power of business.

2) We would like to see young people develop values- Youth that are responsibly aware of their impact in the world, with the values of integrity, passion, collaboration and empathy.

3) Social Innovation- We challenge youth to be brave enough to address social challenges in an innovative way. They can create a positive impact and empower themselves and others around them.

4) Sustainability- The projects and businesses the youth start incorporate the sustainable development goals (SDGs) which speak to a sustainable future for our people, our planet and our environment.

5) Community Development- The projects the students embark in are in communities in Zimbabwe where people are struggling for basic needs such as clean water, food, education, health and other basic human rights. Our students set up these social enterprises to provide an income generating solution for the community, thus causing social change in the whole country, 1 community at a time.

6) Investment Opportunities- most of the projects appeal to impact investors and angel investors who see the value in providing innovative solutions to problems. Businesses such as biogas, renewable energy solutions, aquaponics, hydroponics, apps designed to make every day scenarios manageable present an opportunity for partners invest and potentially scale and replicate the businesses.

We would like to ask you to support us this year with our journey #roadtosiliconvalley. We are encouraging partners to join us in the following ways:

• Donate or sponsor a student or the whole team @$5,000 person with the delegation consisting of a total of 10 students, 1 Faculty Advisor and 1 Enactus Zimbabwe Staff Member.

• Airline ticket to Silicon Valley from Harare to San Jose, California @$1800 per student (10 students total will travel with the team).

• Accommodation – Do you have points or someone you know who owns a hotel, airbnb or other accommodation in Silicon Valley who is willing to accommodate the team October 7-14th.

• Host families in San Jose California are also an option. Students are between 20 -25 years of age and both male and female students along with Faculty Advisor and Enactus Zimbabwe Representative.

• Tour or meetings in Silicon Valley- do you know of a tech company, hub or university near Silicon Valley where young people can have meetings with influencers or take a tour so that they can exchange ideas, share best practices and also describe their African Experience.

• Technology Needs- Leading up to the event your organization can donate tech resources, equipment such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones which can be used in the project implementation in Zimbabwe between now and October 2018.

• Social Media- Help us to garner support on Social Media by sharing our campaign and tagging us where you are taking action towards this goal @boostfellowship, @enactuszw.

• Road to Silicon Valley Events- We would like you to host one of our monthly events leading up to the World Cup where tech and other organizations can host talks regarding youth entrepreneurship, social enterprises, technology integration and other interesting topics that young people can engage in.
We have set up a gofundme campaign with the following link:


Should you have any queries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Looking forward to partnering with you!

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