Delta-BOOST Social Responsibility Program.
Make a Difference Showcase
Date: 9 November 2018
Venue Rainbow Towers Hotel
Time: 10:00 hrs- 16:30 hrs.

In partnership with Delta Beverage Corporation, the program is centered upon entrepreneurship and sustainable environment management. Students are to develop business solutions to post-consumer waste products from Delta Business Products. These businesses are managed in partnership with community beneficiaries and waste management and environmental partners. Through these projects, students learn leadership, team work, entrepreneurship skills, environmental awareness and action as well as social media and community engagement. The program seeks to inculcate a culture of recycling through turning waste into thriving businesses. The goal of the initiative is to have a cleaner world where natural resources are shared and preserved for the future.There are 12 Universities on the program that have been paired into 5 power teams with their projects focusing on profitable waste management models. The teams are encouraged to work with their communities through constant innovation and environmental campaigns that raise awareness on the importance of the 3 Rs (Reducing, Reusing and Recycling) in contributing towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Once the teams businesses have been established for a minimum of 8 months they get to pitch their businesses in front of investors to attract funding to upscale their initiatives.

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