This year, the BOOST Fellowship is aiming to develop new, sustainable and exciting ways to engage the Enactus Alumni Community.
We believe that the Alumni play a critical role in facilitating and enhancing the efforts of the BOOST Fellowship in creating highly competent students with a passion for leadership and community development. Not only that, as an organization we have also benefited from the notable work that you have executed when you were still part of the BOOST/SIFE/Enactus Program. Accordingly, we also feel the need to also give back to our Alumni through creating fruitful industry linkages for business and employment opportunities.
We are requesting all the interested Enactus Alumni to engage us in our bid to create an effective and robust Alumni network. If you have been a BOOST/SIFE/Enactus Fellow between 2000 and 2017, then you are the right person we are looking for. Therefore, we are in the process of consolidating our database to ensure the attainment of the alumni network mandate and also for effective communication.

If you are BOOST/SIFE/Enactus Alumni who feels the need to give back and benefit from the BOOST Alumni Network, feel free to contact us by filling out the form on the following link:

For more information, kindly contact us on:
Direct Line: +2638677101529

Mobile: +263773193490


Visit us at our offices at:
1 Waterhill Avenue
We will be eagerly waiting to hear from you.


Enactus Alumni

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