2018 marks over a decade of partnership between BOOST Fellowship with Delta Corporation in grooming student leaders to build a sustainable future for themselves and their communities.Delta Cooperation in collaboration with The BOOST Fellowship sets out to change the lives of youth, families, and communities across Zimbabwe. Working with university student leaders the program is centered upon entrepreneurship and sustainable environmental management.

 The initiative is part of Delta Corporation’s vision of a cleaner world where natural resources are shared and preserved for the future. Last year marked the beginning of an environmentally sustainable journey by ten institutions, who worked in 5 power teams, towards one initiative to Make a Difference (MAD campaign) in their environment through waste management business interventions.Power teams through their initiatives enabled low-income youth and women to develop critical recycling and company formation skills, transition into technology-enabled jobs or self-employment, and significantly change their life path as responsible citizens.

Our world is more connected than ever before, and these connections are increasing on a daily basis, however the environment is affected by the human footprint. With the huge potential of inter connectivity comes the need to shape the future responsibly. The legacy continues with this year’s sequel of the MAD Campaign reloaded, bigger, better and even madder. The national problem solver witnessed ten institutions convening at Monomutapa Hotel to receive capacity strengthening from various presenters from the environment and business sectors. Teams also got the opportunity to share best practices and solutions to the waste challenge. In 2018 Delta Technical Institute will be the sixth power team and Lupane State University will understudy one of the power teams as they join the BOOST Fellowship network.

The other 5 power teams comprise of students from National Science of University of Technology, Great Zimbabwe University, Midlands State University, Catholic University of Zimbabwe, Africa University, Harare Institute of Technology, Women’s University in Africa, Chinhoyi University of Technology, Bindura University of Science Education and Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University.

The future is ours to build, and we have the capability to shape it responsibly. We look forward to another year of applying our technology, skills, and passion to help make progress on some of the world’s most challenging problems. We want to make the world a better place for our communities and future generations to come. We have pledged to Make A Difference, will you do the same today. Follow the conversation on Make a Difference Recycle Zimbabwe.